Celebrating Africa Day with Builders Express Zimbabwe

Today as Builders Express Zimbabwe we celebrate Africa Day with enthusiasm.

We remember with appreciation African nations coming together under a single roof on May 25th, 1963. This day signifies a tough journey for independence and freedom, and a common consciousness based on solidarity and unity of the Continent. The success story attained in the following decades in this spirit, through the efforts of powerful and acclaimed African Leaders, attests to the bright future of the Continent.
Celebrating Africa Day with Builders Express Zimbabwe
Celebrating Africa Day with Builders Express Zimbabwe
Despite the historical injustices during colonial times, global apathy towards natural disasters and famine, and unacceptable external interferences, the strength of African nations to withstand these enormous challenges is outstanding. 

With its young and dynamic population, vast resources, rich and deep-rooted culture and history, the African Continent promises enormous potential for a more just, more equitable and better world in the 21st Century. 

Africa means hope and we are partners in this journey.

Happy Africa Day To All!

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