Top Brick Suppliers and Manufacturers in Zimbabwe

For thousands of years, bricks have been used to construct buildings. This durable building material has a high compressive strength that makes it suitable for use in a wide range of construction and civil engineering projects. 

The earliest forms of brick were unburnt bricks, dried naturally in the sun. Now, most bricks are made out of clay and are manufactured in industrial-sized kilns. 

Various types of bricks are available in the market, suitable for different kinds of buildings. Finding the right brick for your home type and the interior is crucial and a pretty challenging thing to do. The right bricks can help you build a solid foundation for your home.
Top Brick Suppliers and Manufacturers in Zimbabwe
Top Brick Suppliers and Manufacturers in Zimbabwe
Top-notch quality bricks can even withstand fire for more than 5 hours at a stretch. This article will help you find Zimbabwe's top brick manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers.

Top Brick Suppliers and Manufacturers in Zimbabwe:

1. Willdale Bricks.
2. Beta Bricks.
3. Vakani Bricks.
4. Sino Brick.6. Homestyle Bricks.

Top Brick Suppliers and Manufacturers in Zimbabwe:

1. Willdale Bricks: Willdale Limited manufactures and markets a range of clay brick products for the Zimbabwe building and construction sector. Its clay brick range includes face brick, semi-face brick, common brick and paving bricks for walkways, patios, swimming pool surrounds and garden landscaping. The bricks are either manufactured with a rustic, smooth or brushed finish. Willdale Limited has a range which includes economy plaster, special ground solutions and decorative building products which include window sills, faggots and klompies. The company was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 2003 after a demerger from Mashonaland Holdings Limited and is the only brick company listed on the ZSE.

2. Beta Bricks: BETA Holdings is Zimbabwe's largest brick and concrete roof tile supplier, with its origins dating back to 1953 when it was established as Alpha Bricks. 

The company, which is headquartered in Mount Hampden has representative sales offices in Msasa, Southview, Bindura, Mutare and Kwekwe, and has also expanded its regional footprint with operations in Zambia and Mozambique. 

BETA Holdings employs the latest production technologies in its three main operating subsidiaries, Beta Bricks, Beta Concrete (formerly Beta Tiles) and Beta Logistics. The company is cognisant of its sustainability and social mandates and therefore is committed to achieving and sustaining a high standard of quality, occupational health and safety as well as environmental management in its operations. 

To this end, BETA Bricks and Tiles are accredited and endorsed by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe in line with the company's commitment to quality. In 2016 BETA HOLDINGS became the first brick manufacturing entity in Zimbabwe to receive certification for integrated ISO management systems: ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007(Occupational Health and Safety Management System) . 

In February 2017, BETA Tiles successfully concluded a transaction that resulted in the acquisition of Msasa Bricks, a concrete products manufacturing business in Harare. The acquisition supports BETA Tile's vision to provide a full range of concrete based construction and infrastructural inputs supplies and extends the Beta Group's position as the leader in key infrastructural inputs in the country. The business, which has been re-branded to BETA Concrete, is involved in the manufacture of concrete products, including standard and face bricks as well as pavers for industrial and residential use. 

The operation also includes a build center, providing customers with a one-stop shop for their building material requirements.


3. Vakani Bricks: Vakani is a brick manufacturing company that produces a number of cement products. We aim to provide the best quality products to our customers at affordable prices.

Our high-quality durable and originally-developed bricks are made using the best materials and components that are built to last. As a result, our cement products are a better option than the common clay brick as cement bricks exhibit reversible expansion and contraction prepping them for the toughest conditions that we face in Zimbabwe. This is because concrete is more porous than clay.

Clay bricks have a once-off, permanent expansion after manufacture due to the firing process that extracts all moisture from the brick. All building materials also undergo daily thermal expansion and contraction and these daily temperature swings can result in stress cracks over time.

Zimbabwe experiences well-defined daily temperature swings during both winter and summer. We have extremes of heat as compared to extremes of cold experienced in the Northern Hemisphere.

The combined factors of high outdoor temperatures, rain and frost require special consideration to prevent water condensation and damage due to damp on interior walls of all types.

The fundamentals of brick manufacturing have not changed but we have adapted with technological advancements to make our brick plant more efficient and have improved the overall quality of our products.

4. Sino Brick: 
Sino Brick Company Zimbabwe is joint venture cooperation producing sintered shale brick by Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Co., Ltd (China Building Material Industrial Corporation controlling) and Beijing Fengpeng Technology Co., Ltd.

The company mainly produces high level shale sintered face bricks and high tense bricks with annual output of 60,000,000 pieces of Zimbabwe standard bricks, which is the most advanced shale brick producing company. The bricks will be sold in Zimbabwe and will provide high quality service.

The production line is designed by the well known desigh institution Xi’an wall material Research & Design Co., Ltd which will provide surport of equipment and technology. The equipment of the production line is advanced and the automation intelligence degree is high. The project began construction in January 2019 with joint efforts of the Chinese and Zimbabwe construction personnel.

The company is located near the middle province Gweru Indiva train station, neighboring Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company, 40km from Gweru, 170 km from Bulawayo and 270km from capital city Harare. The geographical location is superior . The resource is abundant. The transportation is convenient.


5. Golden Bricks: Golden Bricks Enterprises is a brick manufacturing company which has been in the business since 2006. It is one of the major suppliers of bricks in the greater Harare area and some parts of the country. The type of bricks currently being manufactured by Golden Bricks Enterprises is solid commons.

6. Homestyle Bricks: HOMESTYLE BRICKS was founded in 2010 and is now the largest player and leading manufacturer of cement products in the country.

HOMESTYLE has transformed the humble brick market by introducing new innovative products, creating new fashions and trends in the residential and commercial building markets.

7. Macdonald Bricks: Macdonald Bricks, a subsidiary of Radar Holdings Limited is one of Zimbabwe's most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of quality clay bricks and pavers.

We are a Zimbabwe based manufacturer that has been in existence since 1947 and we manufacture and supply bricks and pavers for a varied range of uses. From industrial, building and construction and paving applications, our all weather plant produces millions of bricks each year to meet growing demand not only in Zimbabwe, but also Sub Saharan Africa.

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