How To Prepare Your Home in Zimbabwe For The Rainy Season!

As the rainy season in Zimbabwe commences, it is very prudent to prepare for the worst.

During this time of the year, preparing your house and lot to endure heavy rainfall is a must. This applies more to the house’s exterior, since it is the one most exposed to the torrential downpour.

It pays to be prepared, since over time, any house can still suffer from minor nicks and bruises such as leaks and cracks. 

Here is a list of the top five things you can easily and quickly do to prepare your home for the rainy season:

1. Gutter Cleaning: The major characteristic of the wind is its ability to blow things away! Leaves normally get trapped in the running gutters or even the down pipes. Before celebrating the rains, please do check the gutters for anything trapped there. Dont be surprised to find plants germinating there too! Common items that might be found there include sand, plastics, bottles and even shoes! Mind you kids enjoy making things fly.

Clean them gutters and allow free flow of water and enjoy the rains!

2. Seal Roof Leaks: Heavy winds have a tendency of loosening screws and nails. Cracks develop also in the process. These may act as avenues for leaks in the long run. The impact of leaks should never be underestimated. Statistics prove that some fires and electrocutions have been caused by ceiling leaks. We can all save our properties by sealing off cracks and roof gaps with a roofing membrane or even recoating of sheets. Painting or respraying can save your property.
How To Prepare Your Home in Zimbabwe For The Rainy Season!
How To Prepare Your Home in Zimbabwe For The Rainy Season!
3. Replace Rusty Iron Sheets: Sometimes admitting that replacements and renovations are overdue is a virtue. With time, iron sheets are attacked by white rust. Iron oxide weakens the fabric of the sheet resulting in peeling off of the upper coat and the worse extent, the sheet becomes porous. These result in heavy ceiling leaks and weakened roofing structure. At Builders Express we can help you with the right replacements. Our sheets come with a 20 year guarantee on all thicker gauges (suited for permanent structures).

4. Attend to all Home Drainage Systems: Blocked drainage systems cause unnecessary flooding and intermittent flashy floods. Its interesting to note items that may be found in blocked systems. From plastics, bottle to dipers, sanitary pads to towels and papers!

As we prepare for the heavy rains we should clear all water escape routes. This extends to creating water pathways like ridges and farrows.
How To Prepare Your Home in Zimbabwe For The Rainy Season!
How To Prepare Your Home in Zimbabwe For The Rainy Season!
5. Develop Water Harvesting Habits: Water crisis is a Zimbabwean phenomenon. Planning for water harvesting and investing in it is the safe route to having reliable access to fresh water this rainy season.

Builders Express come in with developing the guttering system that connects the harvesting tanks with the running gutters on the roof.

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