Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (CIFOZ) Provides Secure Building Options

The Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe, CIFOZ, is a non-profit construction contractors association that operate offices out of both Harare, located at the Conquenar House in Eastlea, and Bulawayo, where their operations are based out of Famona.

CIFOZ has been active in Zimbabwe since the year 1915, and since then has grown to a total of around 900 member companies falling under the jurisdiction of its association, in different capacities, according to the association's chief executive officer Martin Chingaira.

Chingaira, who has been CEO from 2013 till present, believes firmly in the association's commitment to their products and its ability to self-represent the quality to potential clientele.

"In building we have a rule that goes as follows: the first job will give the second, and the second job will give you 10 more if all is done well," said Chingaira.

The association was formed 106 years ago by companies that would eventually become members, for the sake of ensuring quality and professionalism in the building industry at large.

The association operates with the tenets of safety, professionalism, consistency, integrity, reliability and social responsibility.

Member companies of CIFOZ include, but are not limited to: building contractors, from categories H to A, who build high rise office building and housing, factories, school and hospital; civil engineering contractors, from categories H to A, who build dams, roads, airports and mining tunnels; electrical engineers; suppliers of construction materials and earthmoving equipment, as well as the hiring thereof; and specialist subcontractors, for jobs like solar installation, heating and ventilation, landscaping and plumbing to name a few.

Current associate member companies of CIFOZ include paint suppliers Dulux and Astra Paint, construction material suppliers PPC Zimbabwe Ltd and Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe Ltd, and equipment suppliers Barzem Enterprises.

The structure of CIFOZ is built to benefit its members.

This consists of committees that will support the operations of its members and discipline for any operations outside the principles by which the association operates.

Consumers should favour the services of CIFOZ registered contractors because of the accountability between member companies.

Chingaira said, "By using CIFOZ members, you are using tried and tested professionals who care deeply about the services they are offering."

If any companies are behind schedule on construction or goods delivery, the association provides a guarantee for timely delivery of services.
Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (CIFOZ) Provides Secure Building Options
Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (CIFOZ) Provides Secure Building Options
A CIFOZ press release reads, "We will provide leadership and cohesion for the benefit of our members, staff and stakeholders."

The stability in the building industry that CIFOZ has worked tirelessly to maintain produces a gold standard in Zimbabwe for construction related operations, making an industry in which profits are limited to those with product and industry efficient in operation and lucrative in profit acquisition.

Among recent projects, through CIFOZ, members have successfully been completing the renovation of the roads between Beitbridge, Harare and Chirundu as well continued compliance with Zimbabwe's needs in which CIFOZ is meeting the needs of the government by building hostels for the universities in Zimbabwe.

As a result of President Mnangagwa's Second Republic, local companies are in the limelight, with more opportunities to prove the worth of their work and CIFOZ appreciate the chance from the government, on a national scale, for its constituents to display the fruits of their labour.

"Currently we are very proud of the shift the Government has taken by using local contractors and suppliers to participate in infrastructural development. We want them to rest assured that we are ready to meet the needs of the nation."

Chingaira continued to impress CIFOZ's dedication to adding value to the association, its member companies and in term the economy of Zimbabwe, all as an effort to assist the country and President Mnangagwa in reaching the Vision 2030.

CIFOZ is working with the Government, through ZimTrade, to achieve these goals.

The association looks forward to the future, knowing that through collaboration with the Government, suppliers will be able to begin export of their products for the betterment of CIFOZ, Zimbabwe and its economy.

Read the original article on The Herald.

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