Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe The Preferred Building Materials Supplier in Zimbabwe

Welcome to Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe. With us, you are never far from expert advice, reliable service, and the highest quality building materials.

We offer a wide range of supplies for all trades, including building materials, roofing and landscaping. Whatever you need, you need it on time - which is why we are committed to great availability with no fuss. 

We pride ourselves on being approachable; a friendly face will always welcome you when you pop into Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe. Our services are for everyone. Our expert team will work with you to build success together.

Working With You: At Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe, we enjoy working with our customers and making your projects that bit easier.

Each job has its own demands and that is why we offer professional advice and tailored support.

1. Bricks and Blocks:
We have a fantastic selection of high-quality building bricks and blocks suitable for a variety of projects, from garden walling to extensions. Choose from materials such as concrete blocks or clay bricks, as well as breeze blocks to create walls that are both decorative and structural. Ask in your local branch about which type of brick is best for your project.

2. Aggregate, Gravel and Cement: We offer bags of cement in a range of quantities, from handy size to bulk bags for larger jobs. Our aggregate supplies include small easy-to-carry bags, as well as handled aggregate bags to transport with ease. Choose from our selection of decorative gravel and aggregates to add a stylish touch to gardens and driveways. Deliver high-quality results with building supplies from trusted manufacturers.

3. Timber: At Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe , we take timber seriously. As timber suppliers, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, sustainably sourced timber. Our timber supplies range includes MDF sheets, plywood, cladding and treated timber battens. Plus, we provide bespoke solutions for any project. We are committed to responsible timber procurement.

4. Plasterboard and Plastering: At Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe , we have a large range of plasterboard and plaster supplies available across Zimbabwe. We supply plasterboard in various sizes, thicknesses and specifications, including fire-resistant and thermal. Apply finishing plaster over plasterboard for a clean and smooth finish that can be decorated. Whether you need a small bag of plaster for a wall repair job or large bags for big jobs, we have got you covered. Check out our plastering tools and accessories and pick up the handy extras you need to finish your plastering work.
Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe The Preferred Building Materials Supplier in Zimbabwe
Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe The Preferred Building Materials Supplier in Zimbabwe
5. Metalwork: Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe 's range of metalwork supplies supports various applications, from masonry reinforcement to structural stability. Explore our expert selection of joist hangers, metal brackets and essential fixings, available here in Zimbabwe. Whatever your type of metalwork, whether it is decorative or practical, rely on us for metalwork tools to help get the job done.

6. Lintels:
At Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe, our range of lintels covers both internal and external applications. Provide the right amount of support with concrete lintels and metal lintels, suitable for over doors, fireplaces and more.

7. Windows and Doors:
Our great range of windows and doors includes options for internal and external use. Whether you want to frame the sky with roof windows, restore antique properties with traditional front doors, or buy simple bedroom doors, we have got it covered.

We carry products from leading manufacturers for quality you can trust. Available in a variety of materials including timber and PVCu.

8. Flooring: 
Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe stock a high-quality range of flooring suitable for domestic and commercial buildings. We have a wide selection of styles, perfect for any aesthetic.

9. Roofing: At Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe, we are proud to bring you an extensive range of roofing supplies and materials. Ensure protection with roofing felt adhesive, it’s easy to apply and withstands hot and cold temperatures. We have your roofing jobs covered, from routine repairs to complete roof fittings. We can help you add extra light with Velux roof windows, complete with specially designed roof window blinds.

10. Electrics and Plumbing:
Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe  supplies an expert range of electrical and plumbing supplies for installation, repairs, maintenance work and more. We also carry drainage supplies to support drainage jobs above and below ground. As an experienced supplier, we know what is best - so we supply trusted brands.

Welcome to Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe.

Whether you are looking for a large number of building materials for a small or big project, you will find everything you need all in one place. We supply a wide range of key building materials for every step of the construction process. Buy high-quality aggregate and cement, insulation, flooring and more. 

We can also offer advice on sustainable construction materials, as part of our dedication to building for a better future. 

We are supplied by Zimbabwe's trusted brands so you can be sure you are using reliable building products when you buy from Builders Express - Building Materials in Zimbabwe.

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