Building in Zimbabwe While You Are Abroad? Ten Things You Need To Know!

If you are one of the many diasporan Zimbabweans looking at building in Zimbabwe while abroad, then congratulations! 

We think that is a great idea. 

You have chosen one of the most beautiful countries to invest in. And while things might be topsy-turvy back home, for now, home is home and the chaos too shall pass. In order to help you get started, we spoke to Todinii Morris Mbiri – UK based Zimbabwean and an admin for the hugely popular Facebook group Let’s Build Our Homes ZW. She is also currently building her own house back home.

“I love my country, despite all the challenges it is currently facing. I visit once a year and I dream of spending more time back home when I reach retirement age. So for me, investing in a property in Zimbabwe was an easy choice to make,” says Todinii.
Building in Zimbabwe While You Are Abroad?
Building in Zimbabwe While You Are Abroad?
“Building in Zimbabwe while abroad has certainly been an eye-opener,” continues Todinii. “There have been a few pitfalls but nothing major. On the whole, I am very grateful for and pleased with what I have achieved. Here are a few things that I’ve learned along the way that I hope my fellow homemakers can make use of:”

  1. Get an architect who will not only draw a plan but who can also help you with administrative tasks such as visiting lawyers and submitting paperwork to the city council.
  2. Get a reliable site manager whom you can trust with the building finances, but do not let go of the control. You must follow the money trail!
  3. Make sure you are in daily communication with your project team. Set up WhatsApp groups, ask for pictures, ask for updates etc.
  4. When it comes to contractors, work with established companies or individual tradesmen that come highly recommended. For me, the Let’s Build Our Homes ZW community has been extremely helpful in finding good tradesmen.
  5. Insist that the contractors send experienced tradesmen. If nothing is said, some contractors will happily send their apprentices.
  6. Make sure your contractor is insured!
  7. If you are working with individual tradesmen, negotiate such that you hold on to the final payment until they have completed the job to your satisfaction.
  8. Peg your budget to a stable and reliable currency and convert to ZWD at the rate of the day.
  9. Make sure your budget includes the cost of sending money via money transfer to Zimbabwe, as this can be expensive.
  10. Lastly, don’t be cheap. You are investing in a structure that should last for generations to come. When it comes to the kitchen 12-15% of the construction budget will get you far. I didn’t even end up using that much for my kitchen, but knowing that I had enough money for quality cabinetry made the choice of contractor a lot easier as I didn’t have to compromise. And don’t be shy to ask for payment terms. Well established kitchen companies such as Tusilago are happy to discuss payment terms if you feel that that’s an option for you.

For more tips on building in Zimbabwe while abroad, check out Let’s Build our Homes ZW. For a reliable cabinetry contractor, please get in touch with the Tussilago Team.

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